Anneke de Bundel was born in Belgium and raised in the Netherlands. Studied journalism and got her  first pay check in communist Yugoslavia. Learnt Spanish in the post-Franco decade. Met the love of her  life in a New York without Ground Zero.

Her specialty is narrative journalism.  Topics are on the crossroad of travel and culture. They are portraits of people struggling while looking for happiness. Usually against the current. Sometimes they travel physically. Sometimes they travel in their heads to a much happier past. Sometimes happiness is just around the corner at the cash and carry.

De Bundel travels often with alter-ego mrs. Villager, a cool chick slightly middle aged. Where as De Bundel writes serious travel features for magazines, mrs. Villager stumbles around the continents with humor. Together with mrs. Nomad, a slightly neurotic woman with a poltergeist phobia, they write about accommodation across the world which are to be found at Nomadandvillager.com

Published in Dutch, English and believe it or not Bulgarian in:

Esta, Meridian, Grande, Travelution, De Groene Amsterdammer/LAB, NRC-Next, Viva, Helder, Libelle Balance, onzeWereld, Marie Claire, Elle, Columbus Magazine, De Telegraaf, Reizen Magazine, Nynade, kunst en letteren, De Gelderlander,  Rotterdams Dagblad, Rooie Vrouwen Magazine, Jaylen and websites: Travelnext, Stop and Stare, Onepercentclub.

Examples of her stories in English you find by going to the homepage. Select on the right hand side: Bed&Blog&Bestemming. Select English.


ASP, the Dutch Travel Press Award, 2012 shortlisted 

Blogprijs Proef Spanje , 2011 awarded  the Spanish blog award for De winkel van Modesta. 

Norway on ski,2011 won together with photographer Nicole Franken a competition to document on Norway on ski’s.

Reizen Magazine  story award  ‘Verzet van de frêle dame about the strange visitors of a lake in the north of the United States won the first prize.

Reiskrantreporters prize  2010 For the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf  won the awardto document on Berlin and write a travel story based on the experience of Karl 90 & Liesl 92, a schnaps addicted couple.

Recent projects: 

Valencia, a journey thru an abandoned river/ Berlin, the hip and the beautiful/Scotland, a travel to the unknown /Romania, what do you export? 

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